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Earthquake Insurance in California

The entire West Coast of the United States is within the Ring of Fire, meaning that disastrous Earthquakes are inevitable. If you live anywhere in California, it will benefit you to have earthquake insurance.

A History of Earthquakes

Your home, regardless of the construction material, is not resilient enough to withstand high-intensity quakes. Imagine if your home and possessions were destroyed thanks to mother nature. Many of those in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake were left homeless and penniless. The 2014 North Bay earthquake had been estimated to cause up to $1 billion in damages.

Many of the top earthquake experts agree that there will be a slight increase in quake frequency in the upcoming years. The next major earthquake is expected to be sometime within the next 25 years. Realistically, we won't know exactly when the next disaster will hit, so it is smart to look into an insurance policy that will cover you in the event of an earthquake.

When a large earthquake hits a major American city, over $200 billion of losses are expected. Most insurance programs do not cover most of the losses to residential structures. Do you want your family to become one of those unlucky statistics?

Many home insurance policies do not include damage done by a disastrous earthquake. The assumption that you will be covered may leave you stranded without a home. Check the details of your insurance policies; it is likely that you will have to purchase a separate policy for earthquake insurance.

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