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Umbrella Insurance in California

You've got homeowners insurance and auto insurance. But do you know for certain that you'll be fully covered in the event of an accident?

Often, homeowner and auto plans leave gaps in coverage that can mean devastating losses for you and your family in the event of an unexpected accident. An umbrella insurance policy can help provide you with the coverage needed when your limits are reached.

What Exactly is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance fills in the coverage gaps left by other types of insurance. It provides you with coverage for damage to property, injuries, personal liability situations that involve things like libel or slander, and certain types of other lawsuits.

For many residents, this is still pretty confusing, and at Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC, we get it. Understanding insurance, and especially umbrella insurance, isn't simple. So to explain further, think of umbrella insurance as protection designed to activate when your standard policy liabilities are not covering all damages and expenses.

Why Umbrella Insurance is Essential

For example, let's say that a guest to your home falls on some ice on your sidewalk. Your homeowner's insurance might cover floods and fires, but it probably wouldn't cover the expenses of your guest's injuries. Even small slips or falls can necessitate surgeries and time off from work. If your guest decides to pursue you for these payments, this can mean that you're paying the expensive hospital bills and missed work damages if you don't have umbrella insurance to cover the cost.

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Residents and property owners in California communities can contact Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC to find a quote for umbrella insurance. You can contact us directly by phone, email or in person and talk with an agent about your options. We are here to provide you with the coverage you need.

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