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Recreational Insurance in California

Owning a motorhome in California can be very exciting especially when driving on the road. As exciting as it is, you need to protect yourself and your family from any collisions that may occur or any other unexpected liabilities that may arise. Therefore, you need to find an insurance company that specializes in recreational vehicles and motorhome insurance.

With Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC in Los Angeles, CA, you can relax and enjoy driving your motorhome or RV with no stress. Just like other motorhome and RV insurance policies, all you need to have is bathrooms, cooking appliances, and electrical systems permanently attached among more.

We offer you specialized coverage options that are custom suited to your needs and concerns. Here is a glimpse of some of our recreational (RV and Motorhome) insurance coverage options.

Medical Coverage

With this option, your passengers medical expenses are covered in the case of an accident. Additionally, if your passenger dies in the accident, all the funeral expenses may be covered under this coverage.

Comprehension Coverage

Comprehension coverage includes all expenditures incurred in repairing or replacing your recreational vehicle in the case of an accident or risks caused by things such as fire, hail, or theft.

Collision Coverage

Unlike the comprehension option, collision coverage only helps to pay for expenses incurred when repairing or replacing your motorhome after it is involved in a collision.

Liability Coverage

There are times you may find yourself at fault for an accident. In such a situation, you will have to pay for the other person's medical expenses or any repair costs for their vehicles. With a liability coverage option, the policy will cover you in the even of a liability situation.

Contents Coverage

With this option, all the things contained in your motorhome are covered if they get stolen or damaged by a risk already covered in your insurance policy.

So, if you are in California and looking to have your motorhome covered, look no further. Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC, in Los Angeles CA, is here to serve you and address any concerns you may have with this type of policy. Feel free to contact us or drop by our California office to talk with an agent.

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