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Life Insurance in California

Whether we plan for it or not, life happens every day. Rather than scare you with threats of 'what if's' and the unknown, Voi Insurance wants to remind you of everything you have to live for and everything you have to protect: from family made up of small children, teenagers & pets to vacations & adventure, health & well being, a mortgage, business or even a secure financial future, we are proud to offer the most superb of life insurance products to help you reach your goals. Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC in Los Angeles, CA is one such insurance company that can provide you with a reliable life insurance policy and guide you in choosing the best life insurance option depending on your and your families needs.

Here is a glimpse of our life insurance coverage options in California.

(Please note: if you reside in another state and are interested in starting the conversation, our agents are willing and able to help).

Term Life Insurance

When a family loses its sole provider without proper planning, life becomes even more tough than the profound loss presents to begin with. Fortunately we are here to help empower you to avoid this type of situation and apply for life insurance from a trusted insurance company. With life insurance, you can protect your family even when you are gone. With a term life insurance option, your loved ones receive protection for a period which is usually from 10 to 30 years. It mainly benefits your family if you die during the period covered by your policy. Therefore, if you are looking for a coverage option that only lasts for a period, for example, until your children graduate high school or college, this is the best option.

Permanent Life Insurance

Unlike life term insurance, the permanent option does not expire. Your family is protected for a lifetime as long as the policy remains intact. Permanent insurance offers many investment options in which, simply by saving your money and putting those contributions into a specific account, you can actually make your money work for you and produce more money over time… you invest your money and regardless of what age you die, your beneficiaries get paid out. Often times, you can also accumulate a cash value over time as well, and use that money either to cash out and party, live on in old age, or reinvest entirely.

Under the Permanent Life insurance option, we offer you three different coverage options which include: whole life insurance, universal life insurance, and variable life insurance.

We cannot say that any life insurance is better than the other because the right option depends on your needs so ultimately it is up to you to choose the option that best applies to you. If you have no idea where to start, our expert Life Insurance agent, Emily, can help you determine which choice is best by way of educating you in a very matter of fact, and hopefully very simple conversation, taking time out to encourage your questions and draw up alternative illustrations for your review.

With Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC, in Los Angeles, CA, you need not worry or stress on which option is right for you. Feel free to contact Emily, our lead life insurance specialist or visit our California office for more information.

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