Now is a Good Time to Update Your Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is one of the most misunderstood types of insurance. In general, if you live in a condo, you are actually covered under two different kinds of insurance: the insurance the condo association maintains and the insurance that you, yourself, as a condo owner have. Not only can it be confusing when it comes to understanding which type of coverage provides protection in a particular instance, changes to the coverage that your condo association offers could be buried in a document that contains multiple updates. This can make it difficult to stay knowledgeable about the kinds of protections you do have. 

At Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC, we are here to help condo owners in Malibu, CA and the surrounding areas by taking the mystery out of your condo insurance. While it is true that your condo association most likely requires you to have an individual policy for your condo — like most such condo associations in the United States — what is not as clear is what kind of deductibles and coverage options are the best for your particular situation. 

Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC can help Malibu, CA condo owners figure out the building items that are not provided coverage by the master policy that the condo association holds. These might include items such as improvements that you have performed as the owner, hardwood floors, appliances that are built in and the like. We can also help you determine how much it would cost you to replace each structural item in your condo should the unthinkable happen. 

Another consideration is coverage that pertains to special circumstances such as roof leaks that cause water damage to the ceilings and walls in your own unit. We can also help you account for any losses you might incur due to the deductible included in the master policy. Contact us today to learn more!