Three things to know about flood insurance in California

Flood insurance is an important type of insurance to carry if you own a property in California. We sell flood insurance policies to property owners in Glendale, CA at Voi Insurance Solutions LLC. 

The following are three things to know about flood insurance in California. 

You can’t count on your home insurance policy to include flood coverage. 

Probably the most important thing to know about flood coverage is that it’s not likely to be included in your standard home insurance policy. That’s why you probably need to invest in a separate flood insurance policy to keep your home protected. 

You might be able to get subsidized flood insurance from FEMA. 

If you are in a high-risk area for flooding. it’s important that you research FEMA flood insurance assistance in your area. In high-risk areas, it can be difficult to find affordable flood insurance coverage.

That’s why FEMA chips in to offer subsidized coverage. Do your research and make sure you find out if FEMA subsidized coverage is available in your area. 

You may be able to minimize flood damage and reduce insurance costs with home improvements. 

Perhaps you have recently found out that insuring your property against flood damage is more expensive than you predicted. You might be able to bring down costs if you invest in your property.

Certain home improvements can protect a home against flood damage. These improvements can also make flood insurance less expensive for that property. Do some reserach on home improvements you can make to protect your property against flooding. 

Find the right flood insurance policy to protect your property in Glendale, CA. Contact us at Voi Insurance Solutions LLC to learn more about your options.