What kinds of car insurance can help drivers in Glendale?

Drivers in Glendale, CA should understand how the various types of auto insurance coverage can help them. If an accident or other emergency happens, certain types of coverage may not apply depending on the specific policy that the driver has active at the time. If their policy does not apply, they are stuck paying for the damage on their own, regardless of how expensive it is. Here are a few different types of auto coverage that VOI Insurance Solutions LLC can offer and the situations where they are helpful.

Liability coverage

Drivers need insurance coverage that will pay for any damage they cause to other people or property during an accident. This specific type of coverage is a requirement under state law and is not optional. It covers up to several thousand dollars of bodily injuries and property damage. 

Uninsured motorist coverage

Drivers who get on the road without having proper credentials and insurance coverage have become a huge problem. If an uninsured driver does not have liability coverage, the possibility of collecting any compensation for the losses will be minimal. However, a driver can pay for uninsured motorist coverage in advance to avoid these costs. 

Collision damage

Drivers who have a car financed by a loan should have coverage to protect against damage to their vehicle. They will be required to pay a small deductible; then, the insurance provider covers the costs of the rest of the repairs. 

More help getting auto coverage in Glendale, CA

At VOI Insurance Solutions LLC, our agents are available to recommend coverage that works based on each driver’s needs and concerns. People with additional questions about car insurance can get in touch with an agent to learn more.