Four things that might surprise you about life insurance

If you’re a consumer in Glendale, CA and you’re looking for a good life insurance option, consider our policy offerings at Voi Insurance Solutions LLC. We offer life insurance that secures your family’s financial future.

The following are four things that might surprise you about life insurance. 

Life insurance offers many opportunities to customize the coverage they get.

Different families have different life insurance coverage needs. Fortunately, consumers can customize their life insurance coverage by choosing from among various life insurance types, coverage amounts, and policy terms.

Do your research to find the life insurance policy that’s just right for your family’s unique needs. 

Term life insurance is offered in a variety of different term lengths.

If you only need life insurance coverage for a given period of time, you can choose term life insurance.

When you buy term life insurance, you can choose term lengths of anywhere from 10 to 30 years according to your coverage needs. Some life insurance providers might also offer term length options that are longer or shorter than this. 

It’s possible to buy life insurance without undergoing a medical exam.

Consumers must typically undergo a medical exam before buying life insurance. However, this is not always the case. If you’re concerned that your health condition will make it hard to get life insurance, you can opt for a no-exam policy. 

Some life insurance policies offer the possibility of taking out loans against the policy’s cash value.

If you choose a whole or universal life insurance policy, your policy will accumulate cash value. This can offer the possibility of borrowing against your policy’s value if you need a loan in the future. 

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