What does my Glendale, CA condo insurance cover?

A condo is more than a home. It’s an investment. Condo insurance ensures it’s protected.

In fact, condo insurance is likely much more important than you realize. Although your association has its own plan, these policies are limited and often only protect the building’s structure.

Voi Insurance Solutions LLC can make sure you’re prepared. Located in Glendale, CA, the agency lists four items that are included in any condo insurance policy.

Building property

While an owner’s policy covers the building itself, these protections don’t typically extend to the inside. Condo insurance insures the interior. This includes floors, walls, cabinets, and any other fixtures. Since there may be some overlap with the owner’s plan, refer to the association agreement to identify what specific areas fall under your responsibility.

Personal possessions

Your belongings inside the condo are safe too. If anything is stolen, damaged, or destroyed, condo insurance will replace these items up to the policy limit. Your policy will list protected perils, such as fire and water damage. Theft and vandalism are also covered.

Personal liability

Liability protection is a core component of any insurance policy. It protects you, family, residents, and other guests of your condo. If someone is hurt while on your property, this coverage kicks in. In addition to reimbursing for injury or property damage, liability contributes to legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit.

Loss of use

Unfortunately, accidents happen. If a natural disaster or extreme event does occur, your condo may become uninhabitable. If you’re forced to temporarily relocate, a condo insurance policy with reimbursing costs that incur as you stay somewhere else.

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