California Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Just like your car, the state of California requires you to purchase insurance for your motorcycle. You must buy liability coverage and property damage coverage before you can legally ride on California roads. Voi Insurance Solutions LLC serving Glendale, CA wants you to understand the state requirements for motorcycle insurance and why carrying optional coverage matters, too.

The state requires a specific amount of each required type of coverage. Showing proof of this insurance when you register your vehicle ensures that you can pay for any accident for which you’re at fault. This proof of financial responsibility lets all those on the California roads know their damages would be covered if an accident occurred.

The state does provide two manners of self-insurance equal to insurance. Those include:

  • A cash deposit to the CA DMV of $35,000,
  • A surety bond from a licensed CA insurance firm for $35,000.

Most people do not have $35,000 stashed away for self-insurance, so they purchase insurance instead. This provides them with the necessary coverage while only needing to pay a small premium each month.

Any street-legal motorcycle operating on two or three wheels and capable of speeds of 45 mph or greater, must be protected by insurance in the amounts of 15/30/5, meaning:

  • bodily injury coverage per person per accident in the amount of $15,000,
  • bodily injury per accident in the amount of $30,000,
  • property damage per accident in the amount of $5,000.

This insurance only protects the vehicle of the others involved in the accident. You need to purchase other coverage, such as comprehensive, collision, and personal injury payments to protect your own vehicle and yourself.

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