5 Auto Insurance Myths Exposed

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Auto Insurance

While you are traveling from Glendale, CA to different parts of Orange County, it’s important that you have protection. While you are researching different policies, avoid these common auto insurance myths.

The Policy Covers Rental Cars

This is incorrect. A traditional auto insurance policy does not provide coverage for rental cars. You may be able to amend your policy in order to cover you if your rental car is involved in an accident.

Your Personal Belongings Inside The Car Are Covered

This is incorrect, as your policy only covers the vehicle itself in the event that it is stolen. You may have to research another type of coverage in order to protect any personal belongings that you keep in your vehicle.

Parking Tickets Are A Red Flag Regarding Coverage

While you should avoid receiving parking tickets, they do not have an adverse impact on the type of coverage that you may qualify for.

Comprehensive Coverage Covers You In Every Situation

This is not entirely true. While comprehensive coverage is extensive, it primarily covers your vehicle in the event of a freak accident such as a brick falling on your car if you were to hit a deer while you are driving. Be sure to carefully research the language in your policy.

You’re Covered If You Use Your Vehicle For Business-Related Purposes

This is incorrect. Under the terms of a traditional policy, you would not be covered if you are involved in a collision while you are using your vehicle for business-related purposes. You may have to look into a different type of coverage.

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