Will Home Insurance Cover Damage Caused by My Kids?

Everyone’s kids cause damage. Sometimes it’s an accident, like when a baseball breaks a window, and sometimes it’s on purpose, like when they draw on the walls. Most home insurance policies cover damage caused by kids, but some important exceptions and limitations exist. In this article, Voi Insurance Solutions LLC will help you understand when your Glendale, CA home insurance will cover damage caused by your kids.

Home insurance usually covers accidental damage to your home.

Some common examples include broken windows, water damage, and structural damage. Your policy should cover any accidental damage caused by your kids, as long as it isn’t intentional. Insurers often determine what type of unintentional damage is protected based on the person’s age causing the damage.

Home insurance will cover some accidental damage to other homes.

It’s a common scenario: Your kids are playing outside, and they accidentally break a window or knock over the neighbor’s mailbox. A typical home insurance policy will cover the damage as part of its liability coverage. It’s important to note that this coverage is usually separate from your policy’s property coverage. It covers damage caused by yourself and members of your household.

Your policy probably won’t cover old damage or normal wear and tear.

Older damage that’s everyday wear and tear isn’t considered accidental damage. These damages are standard and usually excluded from your policy because they can be predictable or preventable. Older damage can also be seen as a form of neglect because it was not reported to your insurer promptly.

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