What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Living in a condo brings with it a long list of amenities. Beyond the convenience of a traditional home, you have access to hotel-like services, such as a pool, a gym, plus landscaping, and all other kinds of exceptional benefits. While the exact benefits will vary based on the complex you live in, the kind of insurance you should invest in is different as well. Condo insurance is different from a traditional home owner’s insurance and is critical for your condo living enjoyment. So whether you live in Glendale, CA or the greater Southern California area, Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC is here to help with your condo insurance needs. 

Property Insurance With Added Benefits

Living in a condo is different from living in a home, and as such you need different insurance. Like a traditional home, you’ll have everything inside the house protected. So in the event of a break end or storm, you will be covered. 

However, when you live in a condo you have more people around, which can increase the possibility of a fire. It also means more people are walking past your front door. With the increase in foot traffic and possible fires from other condo residents spreading to your property, the condo insurance covers this as well. 

Contact Your Condo HOA

Your home owner’s association will have specific requirements for your condo insurance. It may also require you to go through a specific provider. Due to this, always contact your HOA ahead of time. 

No matter the property you live in, the size of your property, or where in the region you live, if you call the area in and around Glendale, CA home, the team at Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC can help find the right condo insurance for your home.