Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Theft?

Your renter insurance policy from Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC offers you comprehensive coverage for your damaged, lost, or stolen personal property. It will also cover you for injuries caused to another individual that may occur in your rented apartment or home. For instance, if a visitor gets hurt in your rented apartment in Glendale, CA and the injury is deemed to be your fault, then the injured person can file a liability claim against you, and your provider may cover all the costs associated with the injury. But when does a renter’s insurance coverage fail to cover theft?

When Does Your Renter’s Insurance Cover Theft?

Typically, your renter’s insurance policy will cover a majority of the theft cases from your rented apartment. The theft protection covers your possessions both on and offsite. This means that your personal possessions are covered even outside your rented apartment or home. For instance, if your favorite bike is stolen from outside or your suitcase is stolen while you are traveling, you shouldn’t be afraid to file a claim since your insurance provider will reimburse you. However, personal possessions that may be stolen from your car or a construction site may not be covered. Your renter’s insurance policy will also cover you if you are a student living in a temporary residence.

Your Renter’s Insurance Policy and Roommates

Most people in Glendale, CA tend to ask the question, "does my renter’s insurance policy cover my roommates’ personal possessions against theft?" The simple answer to this question is no. If your roommates’ personal property is stolen and they aren’t included in your policy, you can’t use your policy to recoup their losses. Your renter’s insurance policy doesn’t automatically cover everyone in your house unless they are your spouse. Each of your roommates needs to get their own renter’s insurance policy to enjoy its benefits.

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