Three types of commercial insurance coverage you may be legally required to carry

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The following are three types of commercial insurance coverage you might be legally required to carry as a business owner.

Commercial auto coverage

If you use a vehicle as part of regular business operations, commercial auto coverage will be necessary for you. You cannot use personal auto insurance to cover a vehicle that you use for commercial purposes. 

Workers compensation and unemployment insurance

If you have a staff of employees at your company, you may have to meet some requirements in terms of worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance coverage.

In the state of California, worker’s compensation insurance is generally required for all companies that hire staff. This is even true if the company only employs one staff member. 

In California, you’ll also be expected to pay an unemployment insurance tax to cover your unemployment insurance needs if you hire employees. 

Malpractice insurance

Those working in certain professions may want to or need to purchase malpractice insurance. For example, physicians and attorneys generally purchase malpractice insurance to protect them against liabilities.

In California, physicians and attorneys are not legally required to purchase malpractice insurance. However, many hospitals and healthcare facilities will require physicians that work for them to purchase malpractice insurance. Also, attorneys without malpractice insurance are legally required to tell clients if they do not carry malpractice insurance. 

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