Motorcycle Gear that Can Save Your Life

Whether you’re a new biker or an experienced rider, there’s no substitute for motorcycle gear to keep you safe on the road. Although you can prevent accidents through defensive riding, the protective gear could be the catalyst that saves your life. What kind of gear is best for motorcycle riders? At Voi Insurance Solutions LLC in Glendale, CA, we recommend the following:


A quality motorcycle helmet should be a top priority when it comes to protective gear. A motorcycle helmet can protect your head, brain, face, and neck from concussion, broken bones and abrasions in an accident. In a serious accident, a helmet could play a key role in your survival.   

Protective Gloves

A motorcycle accident can cause extensive damage to your hands if they’re not protected by a good pair of gloves. You can break bones or lose fingers or skin by scraping your hands against the pavement. Protective gloves reduce your risk of permanent damage to your hands in a motorcycle crash.


A motorcycle jacket can protect your skin, bones, muscles, and nerves in a crash. If you’re riding at night, a high-visibility yellow or orange jacket could save your life as it makes you more visible to other drivers. Many riders choose jackets made of leather due to its durability and strength. A jacket that comes with built-in armor offers the best protection against injuries in an accident.

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots will protect your ankles and feet against fractures and abrasions in a crash. If you’re on a budget, a good pair of over the ankle work boots will provide the protection you need for your riding.

In addition to safety gear, comprehensive motorcycle insurance can keep you safe on the road. For more information on motorcycle insurance options and costs, contact Voi Insurance Solutions LLC in Glendale, CA.