Benefits of Flood Insurance

Most parts of California, including Los Angeles and Glendale, CA, are vulnerable to floods. Buying flood insurance from a reputable provider is the best step you can take to protect your family, home or place of business, and financial security. The US government, through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and National Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), provides flood insurance in areas considered prone to floods. However, one can choose to purchase flood insurance privately.


Flood insurance is a relatively recent phenomenon and is only offered by specific providers. Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC in Glendale, CA is one of them. Here are some of the benefits you get when you purchase a flood insurance policy with us:


  • Guaranteed Compensation. The government provided flood insurance coverage doesn’t guarantee compensation for all the losses incurred during floods. With our private flood insurance policy, you are compensated for any losses you may incur as long as they are covered.
  • No Paybacks. With government-sponsored coverage, compensation (or relief) received will be repaid like a loan. With private flood insurance, the policyholder is fully compensated as per the terms of the policy. It’s not a loan.
  • No Coverage Lapse. With our flood insurance policy, the coverage is continuous. You are home or business premises will always be protected as long the premium is paid on time.
  • Comprehensive Coverage. The government-run insurance program doesn’t usually cover everything you need to be covered. Our private insurance policy will cover whatever the government flood insurance program doesn’t to make sure that you are adequately protected. 

In most cases, floods are unpredictable and cause a lot of damage. Even when you know they are coming, there isn’t much you can do to prevent the losses. Flood insurance is the way to go. For more information on flood insurance and coverage options available at Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC, call us and speak to an agent or visit our offices.