Do you know the special limits of your earthquake policy?

Do you know the special limits of your earthquake policy?

At Voi Insurance Solutions LLC of Glendale, CA, we think our job goes beyond selling insurance to helping you understand your coverage and the facets of your policy. Today, we want to talk about an often misunderstood aspect of earthquake insurance – the policy’s special limits.

Unlike the “Outer Limits” or the “Austin City Limits,” your insurance policy’s special limits refer to the maximum payment for certain items or items completely emitted from the policy’s coverage. Every earthquake policy differs. You choose your coverages, deductible, etc. Unlike other types of policy, no standard exists. You must tell your insurance agent what matters most to you and what your financial situation would allow you to cover out of pocket.

One type of special limits excludes structural portions of the dwelling whether connected or detached. For example, some earthquake insurance policies do not cover your home’s deck, porch, and/or swimming pool. These would typically gain coverage under dwelling and/or other structures areas of the policy. Your property’s pier or dock also falls under this exclusion as do retain walls, fences, masonry. Some items within the home fall under the exclusion.

Another type of special limit refers to payment or coverage caps. These typically fall under the personal property section of the policy which covers appliances, clothes, furniture and carpets, dishware and cookware, jewelry, musical instruments, etc. Some of the special limit caps on these items can seem very low and they are. For example, some policies set a $500 cap on computers and tools.

All of these items you can negotiate. You can and should meet with your insurance agent at Voi Insurance Solutions LLC to discuss your insurance needs for your Glendale, CA home. You can choose a deductible that ranges from $500 and up. You can also negotiate the special limits in the policy. Discuss with your agent what coverage levels you need.