When Can You Claim Your Motorcycle Insurance?

Whether you are a road warrior seeking new adventure or you are just looking for a flexible way of getting around town, there is nothing as exciting as riding a motorbike. However, driving a motorcycle in Glendale, CA also comes with its share of risks. In fact, motorcycle accidents are more life-threatening compared to car accidents.

This is the primary reason why you need to consider purchasing a motorcycle insurance policy from Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC to protect you, your passengers, and your investment. Buying a motorcycle insurance policy is one thing and knowing when to file a claim is a different thing. Do you know when you should file a motorcycle insurance claim? Read on to find out.

When You Are Involved In an Accident

This one is quite obvious and pretty straightforward. The primary reason why you bought your motorcycle insurance policy was to be able to get help when you are involved in an accident. You need to remember the fact that a lot of damage will occur when an accident happens, and you will need to take care of that damage eventually to get back on the road.

For instance, you need to repair your motorbike and settle the medical bills of the people who were involved in the accident. If the accident is severe, make sure that you are safely off the road before you call the emergency number for urgent help. You should also try to document everything since you will need this information when filing your insurance claim.

When Your Motorcycle Is Stolen or Damaged By a Covered Event

Any person who owns a motorcycle in Glendale, CA will admit the fact that bikes have become easy prey for a lot of professional thieves due to their small size. Unlike a vehicle, it’s pretty easy to move a motorcycle even without a key. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance also covers other types of non-collision damages such as vandalism to your bike by third parties.

Are you a proud owner of a motorcycle? Contact Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC today for a motorcycle insurance policy.