The Purpose of Signing Up for Renters Insurance

Why might someone sign up to get renters insurance? There are a few reasons why someone renting an apartment or house would want to have this type of insurance. An agent at Voi Insurance Solutions LLC of the Glendale, CA area can assist you with this matter.

Protection from Losses

When you have a renters insurance policy, this protects you against loss of your personal property. This includes jewelry, clothes, furniture, electronics, luggage, computers, and more. You may not think about the worth of these items if you don’t have anything that is especially valuable, but it does add up so it’s in your best interest to have a solid policy.


This type of coverage typically is included in the standard renters’ insurance policy. If somebody is injured while they’re at your house or you (or someone else who’s covered by the policy) injure someone, this will pay for their medical bills, legal expenses, and various other related things.

Coverage During Travel

When you leave your home to travel, you’ll have coverage of your belongings if they’re stolen or something else happens to them. The specific limits and perils should be explained to you by your agent. This is why it’s ideal to have an independent agency put together your renter’s insurance policy.

Requirement By Your Landlord

Your landlord will have insurance for the property itself. However, this doesn’t cover your belongings. Many landlords ask that tenants get insurance and show proof that they have it. You may be frustrated at this, but in most cases, it’s quite affordable and offers you peace of mind.

Want to know how you can get renters insurance to meet your unique needs? Contact us at Voi Insurance Solutions LLC, serving the greater Glendale, CA area.