5 Ways to Winterize Your Vehicle

Winterizing your vehicle will not only protect it from cold weather but make it safer to drive when temperatures drop. There are various ways to winterize a vehicle. Here are just a few:

Check the Windshield

Check your windshield for chips and cracks. Cold temperatures could cause cracks to spread and compromise your safety. If you have cracks in your windshield, have them repaired before cold weather sets in.

Change the Wipers

Replace worn wipers, so you will have maximum visibility driving in foggy, rainy, or icy weather. If your wipers smear or squeak when in use, it’s time to get new ones.

Upgrade Tires

Good tires are essential to safe winter driving. If your vehicle has old, worn tires, consider upgrading to new ones before winter sets in. Quality all season tires will keep you safer from accidents in Los Angeles or Glendale, CA when driving on slippery roads.  

Test the Battery

Before winter sets in, have your battery examined by a mechanic to ensure it’s working at optimum capacity. Cold weather will tax your battery, making it work harder than usual. A weak battery could easily fail during holiday shopping and leave you stranded by the side of the road. In contrast, a new battery will give you top performance all winter long.

Change to Winter Grade Oil

Have your mechanic change your oil to winter-grade oil so your car will function better during the cold winter months. Winter grade oil will keep your engine well lubricated in cold weather, so your vehicle runs smoothly throughout the season. Your mechanic can help you find an appropriate oil for winter. 

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