Is Flood Insurance Required In California

When you live in the Glendale, CA area, it’s important to look at whether flood insurance is required or not. Even if you don’t live on a lake or river, you can still be affected by massive amounts of water.

“Required” flood insurance is for those who are in FEMA-identified flood zones. These can vary from year to year based on where floods occurred in the past. While you may not be in an area where flood insurance is required, it can still be highly beneficial.

At Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC, our goal is to show you why it is a good idea to shop for flood insurance, even if you are not in an actual flood zone.

What happens if your water heater explodes, releasing hundreds of gallons of water in and around your home? What happens if a water main breaks? These are scenarios that you have to consider when it comes to protecting your home. Your homeowner’s insurance generally doesn’t cover anything related to water damage. As such, flood insurance may be the only way to get the necessary protection.

Heavy storms can result in dumping a significant amount of water around your property, too. If the water sits for too long, it can damage your foundation, seep into your home, and cause all sorts of other damage. By having flood insurance, even when it’s not required, you can get the help that you need. You will be able to file a claim with the insurance company knowing that you have the needed coverage.

When you are ready to start shopping for flood insurance, contact us at Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC. One of our independent insurance agents can work at adding flood insurance to your home insurance policy. This way, you are better protected against anything that could happen at your home in the Glendale, CA area.