Liability Protection for Your Fishing Boat

If you use your fishing boat in public bodies of water, it is in your best interest to purchase a liability insurance policy that will keep you compliant with local regulations. This type of protection will cover medical bills and legal costs resulting from a boating accident that is your fault.

Liability Protection

Liability insurance protects against unforeseen accidents. It would protect those who spend time aboard your fishing boat. It would also protect other boat operators and anyone else in the same body of water you will be fishing in.

If you are directly responsible for an accident while fishing, the liability insurance coverage will cover the costs you incur.

Protection Amount

Decide how much liability protection you need. Keep in mind that property damage and injuries could be substantial. If you launch your boat on a marina’s property, you need to be wary that damage could occur to the marina itself or someone else’s boat. 


Your fishing boat should be inspected at standard intervals. The inspection will unveil any mechanical issues or physical flaws that could make your watercraft unsafe.

You reduce the risk of being involved in a boating accident by seeking inspections as needed. The inspection report that you receive should be referred to when you seek repairs to your boat.

Contact Voi Insurance Solutions LLC

Don’t place yourself at risk when you are operating your fishing boat. Seek adequate liability protection for your watercraft. Contact one of our Voi Insurance Solutions LLC representatives. An agent serving the Glendale, CA region, will prepare your liability protection policy.