Umbrella insurance coverage options in California

Did you know that your home and auto insurance may not be adequate to cover for all damages and losses, and that they have a coverage limit? Well, umbrella insurance, or extra liability coverage, covers for what your auto, home, or boat insurance cannot cover.

At Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC in Glendale, CA, we recommend that all California residents purchase this policy. This coverage protects you from various stringent California personal injury lawsuits or any other circumstance that could get you sued. Apart from injury protection, the policy also covers a wide range of legal issues like libel, property destruction, false arrest, slander, and other coverage problems.

Umbrella insurance can be beneficial particularly for homeowners, landlords, or people with lots of properties, although, anyone is eligible to purchase it. The policy is extremely cost-effective for anyone who would want to add extra coverage to their assets. Umbrella insurance protects you from:

  1. Property damage: Covers for damage or loss on another person’s property in which you are held accountable. For instance, your pet breaking your neighbor’s glass window or accidental damage to another person’s property due to your child’s negligence.
  2. Bodily injury liability costs: Bodily injury coverage pays for medical assessments of other people in which you are at fault. For example, accidental injuries sustained due to an accident that you caused such as your pet attacking a neighbor and hurting them, a visitor’s child who falls while playing in your yard, or a guest who gets injured under your roof.
  3. Rental liability costs: This coverage is valuable for landlords who may face lawsuit challenges from their tenants.

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