What is Earthquake Insurance?

For some, earthquakes are a real issue that must be dealt with. For the most part, your typical home insurance is not going to cover something out of the ordinary like an earthquake. For those instances, there is earthquake insurance. For those that live in the LA or Glendale, CA area, the agents with Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC can help.

Earthquakes are not all that common which means that they are often not covered on typical insurance policies. What may be a common occurrence for some people, may never happen for others. As such, earthquake coverage is a specialty policy that you can add to your typical home policy to help cover your home from things like an earthquake. Earthquake insurance covers the damages that come as the result of an earthquake like the destruction of a home, damage to foundations, damage to homes and more.

If you live in an area where earthquakes are possible or common, you need to make sure you have some sort of policy in place to protect you from an earthquake and the damage that they cause. Not all homeowners are going to need this type of policy so you should take the time to determine if it is right for you or not. For those that have questions about this type of specialty policy, it is always best to talk with an agent to find out more about what it covers, what types of policies it can be added to, and if you will benefit from purchasing an earthquake policy.

For those in the LA or Glendale, CA area, the agents with Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC can help you find the right earthquake policy for you and can help you determine if you need this type of policy or not and how to go about getting the right policy for you.