Your House, Your Way, Your Home Insurance Policy – Understanding Renovations

Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC in Glendale, CA is true to its name. We believe in finding solutions to problems. 

Much like your home renovation project, we endeavor to improve upon what already exists. Calling your insurance agent first before you begin the renovation is the most sound practice. Becoming familiar with your home insurance policy can only benefit you and your family. When you contact your agent, you can discuss what renovation ideas you have and how you esteem the impact on your policy. It’s better to find out first because if you have to go to your policy or the rate of your premium is somehow changed, you would be able to budget accordingly. You may have to add any additional cost to the overall renovation budget.

Another reason to contact your insurance agent prior to starting your renovation is that the agent may have great information for you. Most people are going to buy the aspects of acquiring permits when it comes to renovating their home. We can tell you much about this process which makes it easier.

The renovation that is most likely to cause the greatest impact to your insurance policy is when you add  Space that includes rental potential. Renting port or hole of your property involves a huge additional liability to yourself. We are not trying to discourage you, we want you to be well informed. We will tell you exactly how this renovation that you’re planning will impact your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

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