Who Needs Flood Insurance?

With climate change affecting weather patterns, many areas are experiencing greater rainfall and increased likelihood of flooding. Those who have homes in flood-prone places know of their need for flood insurance. However, flood insurance might also be a good idea for those who don’t live in places that are as likely to flood. Here are several reasons for you to consider flood insurance in Glendale, CA from Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC.

You Never Know What’s Going to Happen

Flooding by its very nature is unpredictable. While you may live in an area classified as low-risk for flooding, the Federal Emergency Management Agency states that over 20 percent of the claims filed with the National Flood Insurance Program are from areas classified as low-risk for flooding. 

Flood Damage Is Costly and Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Just one inch of water in the typical home can cost up to $20,000 in repairs. Water can ruin flooring, electrical systems, drywall, and furniture. The hard part is that standard homeowner’s policies do not cover damages related to flooding. If your home is flooded and you don’t have flood insurance, you will be on the hook for the cost of repairing every bit of damage to the house.

Flood Insurance Is Relatively Inexpensive

The majority of homeowners do not live in flood-prone areas, and the insurance companies take that into account when pricing policies. If you live in an area that is unlikely to flood, adding flood insurance to your insurance package is likely to be relatively inexpensive. For a small amount each month you can have peace of mind to know that if a flood were to come to your area, you will not have to pay up if your home is flooded.

If you have questions about flood insurance in Glendale CA, contact Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC today.

Condo Insurance Options in California

If you are a condo owner, you will require a separate condo insurance policy even if your condo association has its own insurance coverage. Although the condo association coverage takes some burden off you, you will need your own individual coverage. Typically, condo association insurance covers common areas and the exterior of the building, however, these types of insurance policies usually do not cover what is inside the condo. Typical condo insurance will give you the option of having coverage for property damage and liability risks inside the condo. You must carefully study the condo association policy first to understand what is included and what is excluded in the coverage.

The amount of condo insurance you need will depend on the value of the property and the level of risk you are ready to take. The insurance agents should guide you with the correct coverage limits. If your assets are valuable, the agency might recommend you to get umbrella insurance as an extra policy for the property. At the end of the day, paying a relatively small amount in insurance premiums can secure your expensive assets.

The policies for condo insurance can be complicated for most people to understand. It is highly advisable that you get in touch with a reputable insurance agency to discuss the details. To acquire insurance policies and guidance according to your lifestyle, contact Voi Insurance Solutions serving Glendale, CA.

As each client has their own unique needs, the agents at Voi Insurance Solutions are trained to not only guide clients to great policies but also to educate the client so that they can make an informed decision whenever they are searching for condo insurance. You can reach out to our office in Glendale, CA for more information.

Reasons to consider purchasing earthquake coverage

As a resident of the Glendale, CA area, one is certainly aware of the risks of earthquakes; however, not all California residents understand the importance of purchasing an earthquake insurance policy. It is critical to know that earthquake coverage is not covered under a standard homeowners’ policy. The agents at Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC are happy to review the top reasons you should consider purchasing earthquake insurance. 

Structural damage and up to code repairs 

An earthquake can often cause structural damage to a home, which can cost a significant amount of money to repair. By purchasing earthquake coverage, you will not have to worry about paying for the structural repairs. In addition, when you go to repair the damage, the home will need to be brought up to current code, which is also covered under an earthquake policy. 

Federal assistance is not easy to get after an earthquake

Some residents assume that the FEMA will step up and assist with the damage after an earthquake. FEMA does help assist with the immediate aftermath of an earthquake. However, any federal assistance to repair your home will take a long time and will require a significant amount of paperwork. Earthquake coverage will give you the peace of mind that the repairs to your home can be made quickly. 

Loss of use

Many times after an earthquake, homeowners will need to move out of the home while repairs are made to the home. These extra living expenses put a strain on your wallet. Earthquake insurance will help cover your additional costs during the time you and your family are displaced from your home. 

If you are interested in learning more about how earthquake coverage can protect you, make an appointment with Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC today. We proudly serve the Glendale, CA area.

How Auto Insurance Can Protect a Glendale Car Owner

Buying a car is a very exciting situation and time. If you are looking to get a car in the Glendale, CA area, it is important to remember that it is also a big responsibility. One part of this responsibility is making sure that your vehicle is properly covered by an auto insurance policy. A quality auto insurance policy can protect you and your vehicle in many different ways. 

Makes Sure that you Have Liability Protection

One way that an auto insurance policy can protect someone in the Glendale, CA area is by making sure that they have liability coverage. Drivers all over the country take on a lot of liability risks whenever they take their car out for a drive. Since this risk is always present, you need to have auto insurance in place to protect you. Due to this risk, auto insurance is also required by law to make sure you can pay restitution if you cause damages during an accident.

Protects Your Asset

If you ever buy a car, you will quickly find that it is a big investment. The only way that you can ensure that your investment is properly protected from accidental damage, theft, and other challenging situations is by getting auto insurance. When you have auto insurance in place, you will have coverage against a wide variety of situations that could result in a loss. 

If you would like to evaluate your auto insurance options and needs, you should reach out to the team at Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC. When you speak with the insurance professionals at Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC, you can learn a lot more about all of your insurance options. This will make sure that you will find a policy that provides you the coverage that makes you comfortable. 

Do You Have Enough Auto Insurance Coverage?

Insurance coverage requirements vary from state to state. In California, drivers are required to carry a minimum of liability coverage at $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident minimum and $5,000 minimum for property damage.

And although these are state requirements, they may not be enough coverage for your personal needs. Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC can help you determine if you need more coverage for you and your family in the Glendale, CA area.

Minimal Coverage May Not Be Enough

There are many situations in which the state minimum is not enough coverage. Anything can happen, and you don’t want to be left in the lurch due to unforeseen events.

Although drivers are legally only required to carry liability insurance, comprehensive and collision insurance may also be necessary to protect your vehicle in case of an auto accident, theft, or vandalism. Liability only protects your financial assets if you’re found at fault in an accident. It does not cover your repairs and won’t pay for or replace your car if it’s stolen. And, if your vehicle is financed, your lender will require you to carry comp and collision insurance.

Did you know your auto insurance doesn’t automatically cover a rental car? That’s right. Your policy only covers your vehicle. If you’re a traveler who frequently rents vehicles, you might want to consider renters insurance as an add-on. 

If you’re involved in an auto accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance, you may have to pay for any repairs to your vehicle. Uninsured motorist coverage can help in this situation. 

Learn More About Auto Coverage

Insurance needs are different for all drivers. If you’re in the Glendale, CA area, stop by or call Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC today to learn how we can help. 

What Types of Commercial Insurance Does California Require?

Commercial insurance protects a business against several types of losses. Since each business is unique, the risk factors that the business will potentially face will vary. Commercial insurance in Glendale, CA is divided into two different categories. Property insurance protects a business against losses and damages to property, while casualty insurance protects against liability claims. Meeting with an insurance agency such as Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC can help determine what types of coverages are best for each unique situation. The agency can also review minimum coverage requirements that the state of California determines. 

Casualty Insurance

Businesses that operate in Glendale, CA, may not be required to carry general commercial liability insurance from the state. However, your business can still be held accountable for liability claims due to accidents on the property or other hazards that might occur. Other forms of casualty insurance can cover claims related to fleet or commercial vehicles and workers’ compensation. Commercial umbrella insurance also falls under the casualty category, as it can help supplement policy limits or take the place of a basic liability policy. 

Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance can help cover losses and damages to buildings and business personal property. There are also policies related to coverage for boilers and machinery, boating and marine transportation, and crime. Building coverage is set to cover the estimated value of the building structure itself along with permanent equipment, fixtures, and machinery that would need to be replaced in the event of a total loss. Most businesses in California need to be prepared to cover the full value of the building and its permanent equipment, fixtures, and machinery. 

Interested in learning more about commercial insurance policies for your business? Contact an agent at Voi Insurance Solutions, LLC today!


Why it’s best to work with a local agent for your home insurance

A lot of people are tempted to obtain their insurance online due to the lower price point or because they feel that it’s more convenient. While this may be true if you never have a covered event happen to you, it is a decision you may regret if you ever do need to file a claim. If you are in the greater Glendale, CA area, Voi Insurance Solutions LLC is here to help you obtain the right insurance for your needs and also provide outstanding service no matter the circumstances.

Work with a local agent to experience better results

When you have a local agent to work with, the difference can be amazing. Filing a claim is never a fun event, and it’s always appreciated to have someone guiding you through the process. If your home experiences damage through a covered event, such as a fire, imagine the stress and turmoil that your family will undergo. You will need to assess the damage while also trying to secure an alternative place to live. All of this stress can be detrimental to your health, and your frustration can cause the claim process to feel even more overwhelming.

A local agent will be there to make sure that all the claim paperwork is completed correctly thus avoiding any delays that are due to errors or mistakes. They will also have a strong handle on your policy and the benefits that it provides, such as coverage for housing while your home is uninhabitable.

Find out more about what sets Voi Insurance Solutions LLC apart from the others. We are proud of the outstanding services that we provide to the greater Glendale, CA community, and would welcome the opportunity to work with you too!

Simple Boat Maintenance Helps You Avoid Filing a Claim

Your shiny new boat can provide countless hours of fun and enjoyment, but you need to keep it in tiptop shape. An added bonus to conducting maintenance is you are less likely to need to file a claim. That’s because keeping up your boat means your hull remains healthy and less likely to take on damage if you scrape bottom or bang into debris or a tree limb.

It’s easy to keep your boat maintained. Follow these easy maintenance tips from Voi Insurance Solutions LLC of Glendale, CA.

  • Clean your boat’s fiberglass and Gelcoat regularly. Wax and polish it to prevent oxidation. When fiberglass starts to look chalky and dull, you might think it is only a cosmetic issue. The cosmetic issue predicts a future one. Chalky fiberglass can crack easily. Those spider cracks can lead to deeper ones that mean your boat won’t hold water. You can repair Gelcoat cracks by grinding them down and applying a new gel coat layer.
  • Polish your marine canvas, Eisinglass and Strataglass regularly, so they do not deteriorate. Also, apply a canvas protectant. Without these polishes and protectants, the canvas becomes cloudy and cracked.
  • Every two to three weeks, clean the upholstery and vinyl on the boat with an appropriate cleaner. The wrong cleaner damages the vinyls.
  • Polish your brightwork, too, just to keep things looking nice.

A well-maintained boat can better sustain damage. Follow these simple boat maintenance tips to help you avoid the need for filing an insurance claim. Instead, visit Voi Insurance Solutions LLC of Glendale, CA to discuss your coverage and show us your shiny water ride.

Motorcycle Gear that Can Save Your Life

Whether you’re a new biker or an experienced rider, there’s no substitute for motorcycle gear to keep you safe on the road. Although you can prevent accidents through defensive riding, the protective gear could be the catalyst that saves your life. What kind of gear is best for motorcycle riders? At Voi Insurance Solutions LLC in Glendale, CA, we recommend the following:


A quality motorcycle helmet should be a top priority when it comes to protective gear. A motorcycle helmet can protect your head, brain, face, and neck from concussion, broken bones and abrasions in an accident. In a serious accident, a helmet could play a key role in your survival.   

Protective Gloves

A motorcycle accident can cause extensive damage to your hands if they’re not protected by a good pair of gloves. You can break bones or lose fingers or skin by scraping your hands against the pavement. Protective gloves reduce your risk of permanent damage to your hands in a motorcycle crash.


A motorcycle jacket can protect your skin, bones, muscles, and nerves in a crash. If you’re riding at night, a high-visibility yellow or orange jacket could save your life as it makes you more visible to other drivers. Many riders choose jackets made of leather due to its durability and strength. A jacket that comes with built-in armor offers the best protection against injuries in an accident.

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots will protect your ankles and feet against fractures and abrasions in a crash. If you’re on a budget, a good pair of over the ankle work boots will provide the protection you need for your riding.

In addition to safety gear, comprehensive motorcycle insurance can keep you safe on the road. For more information on motorcycle insurance options and costs, contact Voi Insurance Solutions LLC in Glendale, CA. 

Things to Consider for Better Boat Insurance

For boat insurance, you want to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage and that you did not miss something that may cause problems later. It is better to identify gaps in insurance coverage before you have a claim so that the coverage may be expanded as necessary, if possible, for your protection. When getting or renewing boat insurance, it is important to work with your agent at Voi Insurance Solutions LLC, serving Glendale, CA and the surrounding area.

Here is a checklist of some common considerations that you may want to discuss with your agent:

  • Storage: Securely storing a boat, when it is not in use, can reduce risk. Let your agent know if the boat will be moored because in the case of storm surge the boat may wash ashore and cause damage to other people’s property that you may be responsible for if it occurs.
  • Transport: There may be increased risk if you transport your boat on a trailer for long distances to get to the water. May sure to discuss this with your agent.
  • Personal Property: You may have many valuable items that you take with you on the boat. Besides the navigational equipment and other valuable electronics, you might have expensive fishing gear, scuba equipment, or many other things on the boat with you. You want to be sure to have insurance protection if they are lost or damaged.
  • Territorial Limits: Some boat insurance has geographical limits about the area where its use is covered by insurance. Be aware of this and stay within the geographical limits unless you extend coverage prior to a voyage.
  • Maintenance: Be sure to follow the general maintenance requirements, so you do not violate any provisions in your insurance policy that might cause a problem.

Contact your agent at Voi Insurance Solutions LLC in Glendale, CA by calling using the convenient online form to get a boat insurance review and quote.