Renters insurance FAQs

Insurance can be a confusing topic. If you are looking for renters insurance, here are some questions and answers that you might find helpful.

What are the three major parts of a renters insurance policy?

Three major categories make up a renter insurance policy. The first category is personal possessions. Personal possessions refer to the personal items that you put in your rental, such as electronics, jewelry, clothes, furniture, and much more. The second category is liability. If an accident occurs on your property, liability insurance covers the costs. The last category is additional living expenses. If your rental is deemed unsafe, your insurance can help cover the additional costs of renting a hotel room and the other necessities needed to live.

Is renters insurance a waste of money?

Many people view renters insurance as a waste of money, but it can help if something happens beyond your control. If someone breaks into your home, renters insurance can help you replace your stolen or damaged belongings. A fire could happen, and without renters insurance, replacing everything could get super expensive.

Does renters insurance cover theft while traveling?

You might think that if you are traveling, it would be a waste of money to have renters insurance. The opposite is the case. Did you know that renters insurance can cover theft while you are traveling? If someone breaks into your car or hotel room, your renter’s insurance will help you replace any stolen items. That sounds great, but you might want to check your policy to ensure you are covered.

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